Beirut: The Un-Broken Mosaic.

The buildings in Beirut still wear bullet holes from an era we would all wish to soon forget. Their façade an ugly reminder of public violence that neither the Lebanese government nor the media could hide. If bombed out buildings and war stories from baby-faced teens are not reminder enough of Lebanon’s torn past, the […]

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Introducing Teacher Horizons!

Anyone who has searched for weeks online to find the perfect school, had an interview over a bad skype connection, cried over Visa forms, and scrounged to find teaching materials, can agree that at some point, even the most independent and adventurous spirit needs some help. TeacherHorizons makes searching for and landing your dream teaching […]

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We’ll Always Have Paris.

I had been warned prior to my gap year in Europe by the University doctor who, let’s face it, must have seen hundreds of students returning from exchange programs showing symptoms of strange rashes and itchy privates. She explained quite frankly that “travel is very romantic, you might find yourself on a train, winding its […]

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Friends and Phở: A Week in Saigon

They say you can never go home again. A tricky saying when your home has spanned three countries in six months. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way feel sorry for myself, in fact this popular phrase has freed me up to the fun and challenging task of taking the concept of “home” with […]

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Blind Date with the UAE: First Impressions of My New Home

Surprise…or maybe not a surprise to some, I am off again! After accepting teaching positions with SABIS in the Western region of the United Arab Emirates, Matt and I now find ourselves in a familiar setting…an immigration office wondering “what the hell are we doing?” I have come to think of these moments just before I […]

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Blue Mountain Bliss

“May the grace of God be with you always in your heart,  May you know the truth inside you from the start,  May you find the strength to know you are part of something beautiful.”  ~ Alexi Murdoch   I attended a Steiner school growing up, an experience that has undoubtedly helped to shape my future […]

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Magnetic Island, A Must.

I thought I would squeeze one more island trip into my tour of the North East coast of Queensland. Just off of Townsville lies the little gem that is magnetic island complete with eucalyptus breeze, baby koala and coconut bowling!? This was definitely the place to combine my attempts to converse with nature and pure […]

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Week One: White Sand, Whales, and the Whitsundays

What do silica rich, white sand beaches, sea turtles, some of the world’s best diving, tall, wind-filled sails and me sipping Australian Shiraz on a boat deck have in common? These things and more can all be found in the paradise that is the Whitsundays. After arriving in rainy Sydney last week (it is after […]

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Leaving Korea: My Top 10 Experiences

It has been 365 days since I arrived from my home in the Pacific Northwest to South Korea. In this year I have seen and experienced more than I could have hoped for in a lifetime. Living abroad is one of the greatest challenges we can face, and one of the most rewarding experiences. I […]

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World Cup Fever in South Korea

  A new and contagious epidemic is sweeping South Korea and the rest of the world and it’s not the swine flu or yellow dust. The upcoming world cup has brought out radical fans, new theme songs and every excuse to party from Seoul to Busan as a red sea of patriotic football fanatics sing praises […]

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