Friends and Phở: A Week in Saigon

They say you can never go home again. A tricky saying when your home has spanned three countries in six months. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way feel sorry for myself, in fact this popular phrase has freed me up to the fun and challenging task of taking the concept of “home” with […]

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Leaving Korea: My Top 10 Experiences

It has been 365 days since I arrived from my home in the Pacific Northwest to South Korea. In this year I have seen and experienced more than I could have hoped for in a lifetime. Living abroad is one of the greatest challenges we can face, and one of the most rewarding experiences. I […]

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I Saw the Sign.

It is clear to me just how global the English language is, after having been employed fresh from University as an English language teacher in South Korea. Amongst the neon hangul signs that I spend hours on the bus translating, there are just as many English posters and signs catching the attention of foreigners and […]

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Jeju-do part 2: Jeju-Si

After three sun-drenched days in Jeju’s southern city: Seogwipo, we headed north along the coast toward the more metropolitan city: Jeju-si. There is an island bus that is on a loop route around Jeju, providing the perfect means to hop on and off when a sight, view or orange stand tickles your fancy. There is […]

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Jeju-Do: Part 1 Seogwipo

Anyone who is a teacher can attest to the fact that we REALLY look forward to and even live for our vacations, and in Korea the options for long weekend getaways are endless! Last week Matt and I jetted off to Korea’s “Honeymoon Island” paradise: Jeju-Do. Jeju is a 45 minute flight from Busan’s Gimhae […]

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Game 4: And that’s a wrap…crap!

While I will NOT miss attending 3am games mid-week in the pouring rain after a night of watching four hours of play by other teams that I support, the thought that I may never again hear “Dae Hamin-Guk” chanted througout the day or have another chance to dawn my red devils jersey and Park-Ji Sung […]

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Week 1: We Win Some and Sometimes We Get Schooled

Korea is a convenient place to watch the world cup because of the seven hour time difference between South Africa and Seoul. Games play at 8:30pm, 11:30pm and 3:30am daily so for the Korea vs Greece game fans had plenty of time to throw back a few bottles of soju, cover themselves in face paint, […]

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World Cup Fever in South Korea

  A new and contagious epidemic is sweeping South Korea and the rest of the world and it’s not the swine flu or yellow dust. The upcoming world cup has brought out radical fans, new theme songs and every excuse to party from Seoul to Busan as a red sea of patriotic football fanatics sing praises […]

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May the Best Dance Crew Win!: Korean Election Season

Not that the 2008 presidential election in the united States wasn’t entertaining enough, because let’s face it, it was; but I have to think it would have been even more so if McCain and Obama had engaged in a dance off to determine who would lead our great nation. This may seem like a far out […]

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A Very Buddha Birthday!

This weekend a month of celebrating  culminates in Korea’s all around favorite guy turning a year older. It’s Buddha’s birthday and the streets are lined with colorful lanterns to mark the special day. Last weekend a group of us went up to Seoul to see how the holiday is celebrated in Korea, as well as […]

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