Sand Sand Everywhere: First and Last Desert Safari

The sun may go down in the UAE but the fire still burns bright. Atop a tall spire, not quite as far in the desert distance as I would like is an instant reminder that I live in a country with the seventh largest oil reserve. This reminder, along with an expansive sand box for […]

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Blue Mountain Bliss

“May the grace of God be with you always in your heart,  May you know the truth inside you from the start,  May you find the strength to know you are part of something beautiful.”  ~ Alexi Murdoch   I attended a Steiner school growing up, an experience that has undoubtedly helped to shape my future […]

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Magnetic Island, A Must.

I thought I would squeeze one more island trip into my tour of the North East coast of Queensland. Just off of Townsville lies the little gem that is magnetic island complete with eucalyptus breeze, baby koala and coconut bowling!? This was definitely the place to combine my attempts to converse with nature and pure […]

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