Puddle Jumping in Portland

“ And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down, and washed right over piglet.” The capital of pork and PBR, and home to an alphabetical listing of odd from Arsenic flavored ice cream to Zealots in Zebra galoshes, Portland was the logical escape route from my life in the Middle East. I even welcomed […]

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We’ll Always Have Paris.

I had been warned prior to my gap year in Europe by the University doctor who, let’s face it, must have seen hundreds of students returning from exchange programs showing symptoms of strange rashes and itchy privates. She explained quite frankly that “travel is very romantic, you might find yourself on a train, winding its […]

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Sugar, Spice, and Souks: Deira Spice Souk

If you came to the United Arab Emirates in search of old world vignettes, tucked in narrow alleyways, filled with magic carpets, Arab men in colorful head scarves and puffs of jasmine flavored incense, you may be disappointed when confronted with the modern city. While Dubai rises high into the clouds with its contemporary sky […]

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A Taste of Dubai

Every city has its niche. None compete with Chicago Blues, Melbourne street art, or Hong Kong Dim sum chefs. If I were to pin-point Dubai’s most notable expertise it would be the city’s deliberate interweaving of architectural styles, cultures, fashions and cuisine. There was no better representation of this than last weekend’s Taste of Dubai […]

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A Northwest New Year

What do frozen ponds, dreadlocked runners, organic champagne and Improv have in common? A new year, Pacific Northwest style! I am home to my little haven that is the Northwest corner of Washington state, complete with hip alternatives to everything from Aromatherapy to Zen gardening and more resolutions for cleaner, healthier more conscious living than most other towns I have visited […]

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Leaving Korea: My Top 10 Experiences

It has been 365 days since I arrived from my home in the Pacific Northwest to South Korea. In this year I have seen and experienced more than I could have hoped for in a lifetime. Living abroad is one of the greatest challenges we can face, and one of the most rewarding experiences. I […]

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Shopping the stalls of Seattle’s Pike Place and our local farmer’s market in Bellingham Washington has nurtured my love of open air markets, where choosing the ingredients that will make up your meal is not a rushed endeavor and a personal relationship between grower and consumer is possible. Although my verbal communication to vendors in […]

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Filipino Holiday Part 2: Cast-away anyday in Coral Bay

Halfway through our trip to the Philippines, having spent five days in colorful Coron town enjoying great food, kayaking in pristine waters, an epic motorcycle ride up the coast and a general dive vibe atmosphere there, we were ready to get out of the sweltering heat and reach our next destination. Luckily for us that meant a […]

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Shabu, Sashimi and Sanak-ji: A Foreigner’s Search for a Raw Deal

When you ride a scooter everywhere, the cold really gets to you. Not only to your fingers, toes and ears, but your lungs, knees and eyeballs begin to feel like they will never function again after a twenty-minute ride to the cinema. The point is, we have been staying inside more and more this month but when […]

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