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A recent graduate of Western Washington University’s art history program, Emily aspires to teach, travel and play from one far-reaching destination to the next. In 2009 the Bellingham Washington native landed her first teaching job in the public school system in Ulsan South Korea, teaching English to middle school students. In the Winter of 2011 Emily moved to the United Arab Emirates to begin a new job as a licensed kindergarten teacher with her devoted and favorite travel partner, Matt.  These experiences have brought all that is in this blog title: Teaching for her students and herself, travel to discover new and diverse landsacepes, histories and people, and play because what are the other two without it? Hopefully this blog will keep you readers entertained and updated as to Emily’s whereabouts and keep you travelers and teachers informed and able to learn from her experiences and mistakes. Thanks for any and all comments and as always keep exploring this amazing earth!

contact: [email protected]

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    September 18, 2011 10:57 AM

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